Trevor Midlane Orthotist Prosthetist East London FAQs

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Where is Trevor Midlane Orthotist Prosthetist located?

Whitehall 48A St. James RD. Southernwood, East London, Eastern Cape

Does Trevor Midlane Orthotist Prosthetist offer emergency call out services?

Yes. Trevor Midlane Orthotist Prosthetist is available 24/7 for emergency call-outs.

Where are patients seen?

Trevor Midlane Orthotist Prosthetist will see patients at the practice, emergency rooms, hospitals or care facilities.

Is there a female staff member who can assist with breast prosthesis?

Yes. We have female staff members who are able to assist breast prosthesis patients.

What is Orthotics?

Orthotics is a speciality field in medicine that deals with the design, manufacturing and use of external artificial devices that modify and support the structural and functional characteristics of the muscular and skeletal systems, such as splints or braces.

What is Prosthetics?

Prosthetics is also a speciality field in medicine that deals with the manufacturing and fitting of a custom-made artificial device made to replace a body part which a patient may have lost through a traumatic injury, disease or congenital condition.